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Hopefully we'll be able to communicate and get to know each other. If you spend time alone with me you might just get a little peak at what I have to offer. I want to really connect with people.

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The scene starts with Elise hogtied in the center of the room. An altar of fragrant candles and roses sits to one corner. Right away we see that Marina is tying a rope cuff onto her leg. In no time at all she has Elise in a severe hogtie with her ankles brought back sharply to her upper back. It is all just a recipe for something strange. Ominous. Forced pee...choking...gagging...woman handling...strange cream generously applied...fondling...infantilism...making love to a blow up doll. It is a scenario where anything will and does happen.In the next scene we find Elise naked in a strappado balancing on small blocks of wood as she attempts to NOT fall into the fish tank set before her. All she has to do is keep her face in the water and she can have an orgasm. Marina tells her in no uncertain terms that if she can keep her face underwater then she will keep the Hitachi running. But the moment she pulls her face out of the water the Hitachi gets turned off. A sort of self bondage...Marina is relentless in her demands of keeping Elise just short of the breath she needs for survival. All you have to do is keep your head in the water and let Marina finger you while you have a 2 inch ring gag in your face hole...did I just hear her ask for permission to cum under water?Finally we find a very playful scene of Marina shoving a large glass butt plug into Elises asshole. Elise is in a severe strappado and she gets the glass butt plug buried into her warm dark stinky hole all while being fingered at the same time. Marina takes a roll of electrical tape and tapes her entire upper head into bondage. What we see now is an androgynous figure. A figure completely changed by the bondage Marina has placed her into. She ejects the butt plug by accident and Marina sticks it right back in. Then Marina adds a crotch rope to insure that does not happen again. A crotch rope so tight it hurts to look at. And so it goes...Elise is in for a long evening...

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I'm very social and I enjoy getting to know people and talk to different people. If you want to get to know more about me you should spend some time alone with me. ;)

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